Lazarus Is A Free Man!

We rejoice today with Lazarus, our friend and brother at Four Oaks Methodist Church. This has been a long journey for him, and after the Court Hearing today we were weeping tears of joy.

Lazarus entered the country in January 2014, claiming Asylum in February 2014. In December 2014, the Home Office rejected this claim. This went to Appeal in February 2015, but was dismissed in March 2015. Preparations were then made for a further Appeal, but this too was turned down in March 2016. New solicitors were then appointed, and a fresh representation was made in April 2019, but while certain aspects of the case were accepted, the overall verdict in June 2019 remained unchanged from that of the previous Appeal.

With almost inhuman tenacity, the Solicitor, Tim, assembled a vast dossier of evidence running to over 1,000 pages when printed out. At this point the Home Office conceded to revoke its previous refusal of Asylum, meaning that the Court Hearing today was little more than a rubber-stamping of the official outcome.

Please continue to pray for Lazarus over the coming months, however, since now he begins the long process of Biometric Residence Permits, VISAs, work permits, accommodation entitlements and benefits applications. By comparison with all the preceding legal stuff, this is essentially mundane administrative work, but it is not always speedy.

Praise God for answered prayer!

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