1 thought on ““Words on The Word”

  1. Revd Dr John Taylor

    At the end of this week’s worship material Stephen challenges his readers to write their own Psalm of Lament. Below is my attempt. Revd Dr John Taylor


    Why, oh why, do we never learn?
    We study history in the hope that we will not have to relive it.

    We hold our medalled anniversaries
    and remember the past as glorious.

    We resolve to learn from it
    but in our foolishness make heroes of the uncomprehending dead.

    We make those who are no longer there the guardians of our freedom
    We do not recognise that we are the Man.

    We have created devastation instead of planting orchards.
    Every tree is twisted and broken, leafless and lifeless.

    We wave palm branches and drag out the rescued donkey.
    We ride our tanks in serried rows of goose-stepping infantry
    a Hammer for Jesus. *

    We dig up broken swords
    That should be ploughshares.

    We plant fields of memorials to unknown body parts
    To honour those whose memory still haunts us.

    We hear the plaintive cry of the cracked Last Post
    And stretch out our arms to receive the folded flag,

    cold comfort for a father we’ll never know,
    a brother we’ll never hug,
    a lover we’ll never replace,
    a poppy for a breadwinner.

    * (See 2 Maccabees 10)



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