Peggy Hunt

On Friday, July 17th, Peggy Hunt, a dearly loved and cherished member of Kingstanding Methodist Church and of the Sutton Park Circuit, died at Good Hope Hospital, after a brief period of illness. Our prayers surround her brother Bob and the wider family, and all her friends and colleagues at this sad time of loss.

Peggy was held in deep love and respect by all who had the privilege to know her. Her faithfulness to God, her great generosity, her wisdom and patience, and most especially her love, inspired us all. Her family have been close at her side.

I will count it as one of the most wonderful privileges of my life to have been with Peggy as she travelled to be with her Lord, taking the hand of Jesus and stepping on into glory. We praise God for Peggy and all of the gifts and graces that she shared with us, as we entrust her to God’s everlasting love and goodness.

Rev Kathryn Darby.


On 19th July a recording of Peggy, made a couple of weeks before she died, features in the evening Circuit Service.

8 thoughts on “Peggy Hunt

  1. Diana Bosman

    Such a wonderful, caring, outward looking Christian lady. Someone it was always a delight to be with when at Kingstanding. Peggy will be missed so very much not only by Kingstanding but her many friends through the Circuit and maybe even further afield. Rest in peace, Peggy, in the arms of your Lord, who you served so faithfully.


  2. Margaret gardner

    RIP Wonderful faithful servant. it has been a privilege to know you and to share times with you at Kingstanding and around the circuit events. Peggy was an inspiration to everyone. Peggy will be greatly missed by all who knew her…but never forgotten. Let us remember the footprints she planted and try and walk bravely in them. God bless. Love and prayers for her brother.


  3. John Bishop

    It was sad to hear of our friends passing.
    Margaret & I we’re very blessed to have served with her at Kingstanding and also as a colleague for a short time at Keenan’s Monumental Masons
    Her priorities were always the care and love of ‘People’ both at the church she served and at her place of work.
    I will always remember her words to me when I commenced work at Keenan’s.
    “John, when you deal with customers remember they are grieving a loss of a person close to them. Listen to them, no matter how long it takes, time is not a priority”
    We will miss you Peggy. Well done thou good and faithful servant.
    Rest in peace with the Lord you have loved and served faithfully.


  4. alfred hancox

    peggy was often sharing the evening servive with us at South parade and we were always glad to see her. Did you know that she was a frequent visitor to Italy to chose marble for her memorial business ? she once spent an evening with our house group telling us all about it
    alfred hancox


  5. Harold Jones

    We shall deeply miss Peggy’s smiling welcomes and her willingness to help wherever she could. In the Methodist Church in Meerut, India, where Gilbert Micklewright and I attended, there is a marble plaque with a Peggy connection. A group of us wanted to record our appreciation of our time with that church and turned to Peggy for guidance with the layout of the wording. She had it prepared for us, full size, and it was sent to Meerut where a local craftsmen followed it exactly. Just an illustration of one of the very many ways Peggy quietly helped so many.
    We give thanks for Peggy’s wonderful life in the service of her Lord.


  6. Alan Smithson

    Not only do I remember her warmth and welcome in the vestry when preaching at Kingstanding she was also an accomplished skittlesr!
    Prayers are with our friends at Kingstanding Methodist Church, who must be in shock after recent events.


  7. Margaret

    May God bless you Peggy you were a very inspiring person,you always made me feel welcome anywhere we met in the circuit especially at circuit meetings . May you rest in peace from Margaret Henry and all at Nechells church.


  8. Godfrey & Barbara

    We held Peggy in such very high esteem. Her deep uncomplicated faith, her warm, caring personality and her lovely sense of humour were always so evident. She was very much a people person. Her vestry prayers which she shared with local preachers and her contributions to worship were both helpful, encouraging and uplifting. Her moving reflection on her life’s journey at a local preachers meeting a few months ago spoke powerfully of her grace, humility and her total commitment to her Lord. A real privilege to have known her.
    Peggy was always welcoming, friendly and appreciative when we went to King’s Road, she loyally attended circuit meetings & activities. Peggy was interested in us & our family and was very caring and thoughtful at all times.



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