Christ’s Resurrection – by Deacon Phyllis Thorne

Do you believe in the Resurrection? I guess you have many questions you would like answered. How can anyone experience death and yet live? A new life?

The Resurrection of Jesus makes all the difference. Life is the same, but different.

The death and new life of Jesus spells it out for us. The wonder for us is that He is Alive here and now, sharing with us, loving and empowering us today.

The death of someone we love hits us hard. Grief is natural. For the Christian , coupled with grief, is a sense of peace, because our loved one is experiencing a new life with Christ Jesus.

One day our turn will come, we don’t know when, but we do know we will not be alone. The Risen Jesus will be with us as we leave this life and enter the new life with Him.

Sister Phyllis

2 thoughts on “Christ’s Resurrection – by Deacon Phyllis Thorne

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