Greeting The Passers-By at FOMC

Thanks to a generous donor and some excellent work from The Printers, Four Oaks Methodist Church has put up a lovely new Christmas banner to cheer people this Christmas as they drive round the roundabout and come into Lichfield Road.

This sturdy banner will withstand all the winter weather that comes its way, and will still be able to be stowed away afterwards for re-use of course. It also looks great next to our Christmas tree!

After a year which has been so hard for so many, we can still celebrate the Light of Christ who enters our dark world. As you read this, may you too know Christ’s peace, hope and joy this Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Greeting The Passers-By at FOMC

  1. Revd Stephen Froggatt

    I thought the prices involved were in fact very reasonable indeed. The banner we chose was an all-weather extra-strong meshed vinyl measuring 10′ x 6′. £95 including design and postage, the whole thing turned around in a few days.The scaffolding frame was about £75 – again – this is something which we can consider a worthwhile investment. An anonymous donor making a gift-aided payment to the church of just £150 would ensure that the church had sufficient funds to cover the whole operation, with resources then available to use again and again.



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