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Lazarus Is A Free Man!

We rejoice today with Lazarus, our friend and brother at Four Oaks Methodist Church. This has been a long journey for him, and after the Court Hearing today we were weeping tears of joy.

Lazarus entered the country in January 2014, claiming Asylum in February 2014. In December 2014, the Home Office rejected this claim. This went to Appeal in February 2015, but was dismissed in March 2015. Preparations were then made for a further Appeal, but this too was turned down in March 2016. New solicitors were then appointed, and a fresh representation was made in April 2019, but while certain aspects of the case were accepted, the overall verdict in June 2019 remained unchanged from that of the previous Appeal.

With almost inhuman tenacity, the Solicitor, Tim, assembled a vast dossier of evidence running to over 1,000 pages when printed out. At this point the Home Office conceded to revoke its previous refusal of Asylum, meaning that the Court Hearing today was little more than a rubber-stamping of the official outcome.

Please continue to pray for Lazarus over the coming months, however, since now he begins the long process of Biometric Residence Permits, VISAs, work permits, accommodation entitlements and benefits applications. By comparison with all the preceding legal stuff, this is essentially mundane administrative work, but it is not always speedy.

Praise God for answered prayer!


Currently we do not have our full quote of Circuit Lay Representatives to District Synod.

If you would like to engage with Birmingham District Synod, to listen and to be heard as a representative of the Sutton Park Circuit, please give your name to Supt Malcolm Oliver before the Circuit Meeting on 28th November.

You will need the approval of the Circuit Meeting in order to go forwards, so in the event of needing a vote, please be prepared to speak to the Circuit Meeting about why you should be chosen.

Come And See – Ignatian Prayer

Please download our POSTER

There are many ways to approach God in prayer, including worshiping in the church, walking by the riverside, noticing the beauty of the hills and valleys, singing and lifting our hands in praise.

Contemplative prayer takes us into a quiet place, where we can open our hearts to listen to God, often through the words of holy scripture.  Like Mary who “ponders these things in her heart”, we can take time to let the Word of God dwell deeply and listen to what God might have to say to us.  

Prayer approaches from within the monastic traditions of the Church have a great deal to teach us about stillness and listening to God.  Ultimately, prayer is something that God does within us, inspiring us again to look outwards towards others.  Do feel welcome to come along for one or all of the sessions at Erdington Methodist Church.

Dates: (Fridays) 18th October, 15th November, 20th December 9.45am – 12:00 Noon

Boldmere – Building A New Welcome – Sat 31st Aug, 6pm

You are invited to come and help us celebrate “Building a New Welcome” in Boldmere. 

See our light, accessible and welcoming entrances and join us in an act of worship as we walk around our building and ask Gods blessing on every part and all who pass through our doors (including you!)  Stay on for sandwiches, cakes and conversation.

Service at 6pm on Saturday 31st August.

With love,
Stephen and Chris and the team at Boldmere

Safeguarding Training – Advanced Course

Dear Friends,

Below are the dates and venues of the future planned Advanced Courses in the District.

The list of those who need to attend this Advanced course is here.

Advanced Course at Erdington MC on Tuesday 21st May 2019 ( limited spaces available)

Advanced Course at Blackheath Central MC on Saturday 22nd June 2019 , 10-3pm

Advanced Course at Solihull MC on Tuesday 10th September 2019,  10-3pm

Advanced Course at Ross-on-Wye on Saturday 16th November 2019 , 10-3pm

Advanced Course at Kenilworth MC on Saturday 8th Feb 2020, 10-3pm ( please note the change of date as previously advertised)

All places need to be booked on by emailing me on
birminghamsafeguarding [AT]

Kind regards

Sue Holder

District Safeguarding Officer, Birmingham Methodist District


Sutton Park Circuit ‘Walk for Justice’

A response to KNIFE CRIME in our communities

Begins THIS Sunday, 14th April Noon at Kingstanding…… and ends Westminster Good Friday, 19th April.

The coach is booked to leave Kingstanding at 12 noon on Good Friday for the Knife Walk/Service in Westminster. The coach has 53 seats. BOOK NOW if you want to join us for worship and protest in London. We could easily run out of spaces.

Youth Worship – Launching the Knife Cross Walk

THIS Sunday, 14th April 11am – Kingstanding – see poster above.

Support The Walkers

Knife crime walk – our JustGiving page. Help us to cover the costs!

Itinerary and additional details here.

Updates During the Week:

Journey updates and photographs will be put on twitter (

The giant cross fashioned from knives donated by local police.